November 6, 2009

My Kroger Event

I went to Kroger on Tuesday of this week with the express purpose of having myself a bit of robbery fun. Here is what I purchased.

I purchased 10 cans of Carnation Evaporated Milk. These were on sale for $0.49 if you bought 10 of the participating items. I had 5 coupons that would give me a $0.50 savings on 2 cans of this milk. The coupon doubled to give me a $1.00 savings. The milk was all completely FREE.

I purchased 2 pouches of Starkist Tuna at $0.99. I had 2 coupons that would give me $0.50 off any pouch of Starkist Tuna. The coupon doubled to give me a $1.00 savings. The tuna was FREE.

I purchased one can of Armour Vienna Sausage at $0.45. I had a coupon to save $0.25 on one Vienna Sausage product. The can was FREE.

I purchased 2 bottles of Herbal Essence Shampoo at $2.99 per bottle. I had 2 special coupons to get this shampoo for free. The shampoo was FREE.

I purchased 1 bottle of Country Bob's sauce at $3.29. I had a special coupon to get this for free. The sauce was FREE.

Even with all these FREE products, I still had to pay taxes. Fortunately there was coupon overages that covered a portion of my tax responsibility.

My total out of pocket expense for this trip: