November 2, 2009

Double Coupons

I spoke to the manager at my local Publix store last week. We had a great discussion about getting products for free through the use of coupons and sales. I learned something, too. I used to think that doubled coupons were just something that stores would do to make themselves more inviting. I used to think that when the stores doubled those coupons, they lost money on that.

I was wrong. 

It turns out that when a store doubles the value of the coupon, the manufacturer reimburses the store for the costs of that extra value right along with the face value of the coupon.

How awesome is that?

Learning this also helped me understand why some coupons are clearly marked with "DO NOT DOUBLE" on them. I had wondered for some time why manufacturers would be concerned with whether the stores doubled the value of the coupon or not. Now I know.