September 19, 2009

What You Need

In order to really make your coupon experience useful, you need to have a system of organizing those coupons so that you can quickly and easily find them in the stores. I am going to teach you how to create a system that will be completely effective for making your shopping experience using coupons as easy as possible.

Here is a list of the items that you will need in order to create your coupon organizing system.

1) You need a good quality paper cutter. I have a Fiskers paper cutter that I got at Walmart. It's relatively small and was relatively inexpensive. You need scissors for some of the coupons, but mostly it is better to use that paper cutter because you can cut more at one time. It's much faster.

2) 80 - photo insert pages for a 3-ring binder album. You can get these at Wal-Mart in the office supply section. You want the least expensive type. It will have 3 photo pockets with a piece of paper on the inside of the pocket so you can put one photo on one side and another photo on the other side. You will probably have to make more than one trip to get as many as you need. Yes - you really need 80 or more. I currently have 64 pages in mine and will be buying more this week because I've determined that I need to break down my "cleaning" category into areas of the house.

3) 40 - 8X10 sheet protectors.

4) 1 pack of the sticky tabs that can be attached to the sheet protectors to make them like file dividers. You can get this in the office supplies section. They have those tiny bits of paper that you write on. I hope you know what I'm talking about because I'm not sure what they are called. They're with the labels and stuff.

5) Cardstock - You will need enough cardstock to fill those 40 sheet protectors. You can get whatever color you want. I have mine color coordinated - sort of. There are 2 main categories - Food and NonFood. All my "Food" subcategories have purple cardstock. The NonFood categories have pink and blue. Really, this one is up to you. I also used a corner punch tool to make the edges of my cardstock decorative. It takes more time, but it makes me smile a bit because it's prettier than the standard corners.

My next post will explain how to create the Coupon Book.