September 16, 2009

I Rob Grocery Stores

You may not be aware of this, but I have developed a particular talent for robbing the local grocery stores. I've become obsessed with the use of coupons. I've decided to share all my tips and secrets, along with my weekly successes, to help others learn how to maximize their savings with the use of coupons and sales.

You may be rolling your eyes right now and thinking about how the blogging world really doesn't need yet another coupon blog. Rest assured that this site will not operate like any other site that you may have seen.

I won't be posting a list of the coupons that you'll find in the weekly paper. (I'll give you links to that information.)

I won't be posting the deals I got at the local CVS. (I don't fully understand the system at CVS, and I rarely shop there anyways.)

What I will be doing is this:

I am going to post information about where I find my coupons.

I will post coupon policies for popular stores.

I will post weekly information about what I bought and how much I paid, along with telling you HOW I paid so little. (ie - which coupons I used and how I stacked those together with the sales to maximize my savings)

I will offer an option to purchase coupon selections.

I will offer an option to purchase a coupon notebook that is already set up and ready to go, complete with a selection of coupons included.

I hope to teach you how coupon fanatics use all those tiny bits of paper to buy their groceries with as little cash output as possible instead of just bragging about how I'm robbing the stores. It does little good for me to tell you I did something if I don't explain to you HOW I did it and HOW you can do it also.

That's my goal.

I want you to learn how to rob the grocery stores and have fun doing it.


Petula said...

Okay! I'm ready!... Got my pen waiting. :) Or my CTRL C and V.