January 9, 2010

Way Behind

Mom has stacks of newspapers and unclipped coupons waiting to be attended.

Mom may never catch up.

In order to avoid becoming overly frustrated with the fact that I am so far behind, I will likely get today's papers and start from there. I will work backwards, if time allows, to catch up on the papers that are still waiting for attention.

I'm planning to go shopping on Wednesday. I haven't really done much in the way of shopping, so it's about time to replenish our pantry. The good thing about stock shopping is that when there are times that I can't get to the store - or just don't feel like it - then our house still has plenty of food and we don't need to rush out to buy things at higher prices.

I noticed over the holidays that the sales weren't really all that great. That's one reason I didn't bother to do much in the way of shopping. Why waste time shopping when the sales are minimal? I'm hoping this next weeks sales will be back the usual range of usefulness. I know this past week's sales were pretty decent, so hopefully the stores are reducing prices again.