October 21, 2009

Publix Take - 10/19/09

I was without Internet for the past couple of days so this is a bit late. However, it's still in time for you to make it to your local Publix and take advantage of the deals I found.

I spent $84.00 at Publix Monday night.

I walked out of the store with $284.00 worth of groceries. I even managed to impress myself with this trip.

1) The Bird's Eye vegetables were on sale for 50% off, making them $0.90 each for some and $1.20 for others. I had several coupons that were for $0.50 off on one package of Bird's Eye veggies. That coupon doubles to save me $1.00 on those veggies. (Imagine that...hmm... stuff the buggy as full as I can for as many coupons as I have.)

I got 5 of the veggies that were $1.20 and about 30 of the others. THEY WERE ALL FREE!!! In addition to the veggies being free, I had extra money added to my total to help me save even more on other items.

2) I got my 2 FREE first aid kits by using the Save $3.00 off any 2 Johnson first aid products. The kits are only $1.47 each, so buying 2 of them is FREE!

3) I bought two boxes of Froot Loops and two boxes of Apple Jacks for $1.00 for each box. The cereal was on sale for $1.99. There was a coupon dispenser on the shelf to save $1.00 on each box. WOW!

4) Campbell's Healthy Request soups were on sale with a B1G1 Deal. With my coupons, the soup was about $0.20 per can. (I don't have my receipt in front of me, so I can't tell you the exact amount right off the top of my head.)

5) I got 5 packs of Yakisaba pasta (like Ramen Noodles) for FREE! The pasta costs $0.79 a pack. I had a coupon to save $0.50. The coupon doubles to save $1.00. --- FREE!

6) Ooh... The Maybeline Mascara was on sale for 40% off. I had a coupon to save $1.00 plus the store coupon to save $2.00 off any Maybeline Mascara. I got a new tube of mascara for $0.20.

7) I also purchased 4 eye shadows and 1 eyeliner. Those were FREE! I had a coupon to save $1.00 off any eyeshadow plus the store coupon for $2.00 off any Maybeline product. The eye shadows were $2.99 and the eyeliner was $2.49. With my coupons, it was all FREE!

8) I got two boxes of Children's Tylenol Chewables for $0.55 each. I had a coupon for $3.00 off when you buy 2 Children's Tylenol products. Plus there was a store coupon to save $2.00 off any one Children's Tylenol product. Using 2 of the store coupons plus 1 of the manufacturer's coupons saved me $7.00. The Tylenol was $4.09 per box. I was very pleased, because Tylenol is something we use a lot of around here.

At the end of the trip, I saved $199.00 and filled my freezer with free veggies. I even bought the Velveeta Mac & Cheese without a coupon and splurged on a pack of Reese's Klondike bars for my husband. I made MOM OF THE YEAR with the mac & cheese and WIFE OF THE YEAR with the ice cream and the super savings.